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Filiaal 1

Michiel Scheen - piano

1 A part
2 Norg
3 Is
4 Tretes
5 Een lege zwarte kist
6 Siluur
7 Voor de wereld
8 Sloot
9 Kyr-in

Recorded Februari 3, 1993 Centrum Nieuwe Muziek, Middelburg
by Chris Weeda
Edited by Dick Lucas
Many thanks to Ad van 't Veer, Middelburg

Filiaal 2

Michiel Scheen - synthesizers
Frank van Berkel - bassguitar
Hans van der Meer - percussion

1 Bunk
2 Boxpeoplemusic
3 Undo delete
4 Senak
5 An sicht
6 The miracle is the shortest time*
7 Calcia
8 Brain Dance
9 Metzel
10 Second Gallery

Live at
Korzo Den Haag, May 23, 1997
Bimhuis Amsterdam, June 14, 1997
*Poem by Charles Bukowski

Filiaal 3
Sphere's Works

Michiel Scheen performs the music of Thelonious Monk

1 Green Chimneys
2 Bye-ya
3 Epistrophy
4 Locomotive
5 Briljant Corners
6 Jackie-ing
7 Played twice
8 Pannonica
9 Round Midnight
10 Off Minor
11 Stuffy Turkey
12 Bemsha swing
13 New swing
14 We see/Monks point

Recorded at Studio M, Amsterdam
December 1998

Filiaal 4

Michiel Scheen - piano

1 So far so good, cool...
2 (Got myself) Together again
3 A (w)hole in my heart
4 Hold that thought!
5 (We're) Off track
6 Free, at least...
7 Dance, my dear?
8 On that lonesome road again
9 There's no turning back

Recorded at Studio M, Amsterdam
January 2003

Filiaal 5
Clouds and sunny chunks

Michiel Scheen - piano

1 Legs
2 The Dude's weekend
3 Surface
4 Improvisation
5 Clouds and sunny chunks
6 Reliqwy
7 Idols
8 Groove
9 A (w)hole in my (w)heart
10 Gratitude

"Chunks and shadows, keys – black and white, sonic fiction articulated, conceptual codes shifting, focus on fluffy statements, temporal dynamics - harshmellow, reaching for hope, answers to be questioned.”

Michiel Scheen (1963, Amsterdam), since the 1980’s, worked with many musicians throughout Europe, the USA and Canada. In 2012 he joined Raoul van der Weide (contrabass) and George Hadow (drums) in The Blue Lines Trio. The Blue Lines Sextet, with Ada Rave (saxophones), Bart Maris (trumpets) and Wolter Wierbos (trombone) regularly extend the line-up of this trio. Scheen also performs with the Jan Nijdam Quartet and as a duo with saxophonist and clarinettist Tobias Delius.
Scheen’s work has been described as: “Odd twists and sharp angles, post-Monk, post-Mengelberg even” (Frances Davis, The Village Voice, 2004).

Recorded at Studio M, Almere
February 2020

Digital album download: Michiel Scheen's Bandcamp site

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